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  • Üldine

    Welcome screen on the computer

    Our goal - making eLearning more accessible

    Our goal in the Accessibility Corner is to introduce to you some basic concepts, tools and knowledge needed in making eLearning more accessible and raising awareness of accessibility issues.

    Learning event is designed in order to establish a community of people who wish to solve accessibility issues in their teaching practice and professionals.

    [Read more about goal]

  • Teema 1

    Where are you?

    To map out and reflect on your own skills and knowledge about accessibility we have provided a self evaluation questionnaire for you. Fill in the questionnaire and you will be able to see a list of things you are familiar with and a list of things that you might want to explore further.

    Dianna with question

  • Teema 2

    Meeting Place

    This is a place, where you can discuss your own encountered problems.
    Before you start discussing, make sure, you had identified a real problem. This Guidelines for Problem Analysis will help you.

  • Teema 3

    Take the right direction!

    This signpost will guide you to the resources of your interest.

    Daniel with solution

    The resources can help you to solve the problem task of this learning event. Use the signpost to navigate through the resources to find the exact information on the topic you are interested in or need more information about. You can browse it to see how it looks like. You can make suggestions for the themes of the resources. You can also contrubute by providing some materials yourself. Read about collaborative resources.

  • Teema 4

    What is your story?

    In this section you can add a case study from your teaching experience.

    A form for Case Study

    dianna answer

  • Teema 5

    Discussion about case studies