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    Welcome to the 'getting started with eLearning' event which is part of the eTTCampus Project. In this event it is our aim to introduce teachers and trainers with little or no prior experience and knowledge of eLearning, to some basic concepts, models and cases. You may encounter other teachers in this event who, like you, are thinking of using eLearning in their teaching. Do take the opportunity to share and discuss your ideas.

  • Teema 1

    STAGE 1: An introduction to eLearning

    In this first stage we invite you to watch and listen to a Power Point presentation which will introduce you to some e-Learning models, approaches, strengths, weaknesses and impact on practice.

    Some of the slides will contain links to additional resources which you may find interesting.

    To listen to the sound you will need to ensure your volume control is activated.

    We anticipate you will need up to an hour to make the most of this presentation. It is menu driven so you can choose to view the whole presentation or selected sections by using the menu.

  • Teema 2

    STAGE 2: Strengths, weaknesses and impact of e-Learning

    In the power point presentation in Stage 1, you were made aware of some of the reported strengths, weaknesses and impact of e-Learning on the practice of teachers and trainers across Europe. In this stage we invite you to share your concerns about beginning to use e-Learning in your professional context.

    • You are asked to identify some questions about using e-Learning and, in particular, how to get started and post these to the Forum called "questions about using e-Learning". You will find this Forum at the end of Stage 2.
    • If you are working as part of a group then organise a real time chat with your peers. You will find this Chat at the end of Stage 2, after the Forum.

    It is best not to let a chat session run for more than about 45 - 60 minutes. The questions you have posted to the Forum should be the initial agenda of the real time chats.

  • Teema 3

    STAGE 3: Examples of e-learning in action

    In this stage we invite you to examine some examples of e-learning in action. We have provided a wide range of cases and samples of e-learning that have been used by teachers and trainers from across the world. We hope that you will find some examples from your subject area but even if you do not, we think you will be able to see how an example from a different domain might be applied to your own.


  • Teema 4

    STAGE 4: Develop a proposal for using e-Learning

    In the previous stages of this learning event you have learnt about some models and approaches to e-Learning, explored some of your concerns and looked at a number of examples.

    In this stage we invite you to make a proposal for using e-Learning in your own subject using the supplied template.

  • Teema 5

    STAGE 5: Evaluation of this Learning Event

    "Evaluation is the collection, analysis and interpretation of information about any aspect of a programme of education and training, as part of a recognised process of judging its effectiveness, its efficiency and any other outcomes it may have."

    (Thorpe, 1993a)